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Most of us spend money regularly on a wide range of Professional and Personal Services such as Accountant, Business Services, Financial Planner, Health and Beauty Services, Insurance Products, Legal Advice, Physicians and much more.

When it comes to Permits, Licenses, and Construction related activities most of the public is not familiar with the process and find it a difficult process to navigate. All City Permits is here to help fill that void! We will help you save time and money on costly mistakes.

Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars from Lost Time and Costly Mistakes

When you have a particular project the objective is to get your permits as fast as possible. This will enable you to do the construction and schedule and pass city inspections as fast as possible. The permit process is a time consuming process between design, city review, county review (if applicable), corrections and resubmission (if needed), permit revisions after permit is issued (if needed) and the like. Then if you need Business Licenses (if applicable), the process requires additional time.

A common theme is that wasted time and delays will cost you. It does not matter if delay is from the Design Professional, City, County, Contractor, or the Sub Contractor, etc. There are many moving parts in this process and it will cost you. During this process, you will still have a list of expenses that need to get paid such as Mortgage or Rent (business space), Insurance (Property, Liability, Contents), Property Taxes (if applicable), and/or Monthly Association Dues (if applicable), Business Expenses (if applicable). It is in your best interest to get your project finished as fast as possible to limit added expenses on your Real Property whether for Personal, Investment, or Business Use. In business any delays will result in a loss of revenue. We are here to help you save you time and costs along this process.  

Membership Includes Access To The Following Services

With a Membership Plan that costs only 83 cents a day, you will have access to our team of trained professionals to help you with a wide range of permit related functions. Do not wait until a problem or particular problem arises to signup. Do it now, be prepared and have peace of mind to know that you are setup.

Phone and Email Support: Whenever you need some help or advice we are here to answer your permit, license, construction and other related questions.

Permit and License Help: Do you need to know what is needed to pull a permit or license? We can provide you a checklist of items and links needed for a particular project, city, county or state. We can help you fill out permit and licensing forms. We can keep track of your permit and license reviews and send you updates.

Interact with Building Departments and Other Government Agencies on Your Behalf: You might have particular questions and do not want to contact the city or other government agencies or you may be having a hard time getting to the correct person. We will be your liaison and get you the information that you seek.

Do It Yourselfers: We can help you save money by helping you apply for Owner Builder permits and also save money on General Contractors and Specialty Contractors (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing). You can either apply for the permit yourself and we give you the directions, or we can do on your behalf.

Permit Expediting: We can get you any type of Building Permit for your project (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions, Standalone permit, Over The Counter permit, Owner/Builder permit, etc.). We take care of the permit process from start to finish including permit submission, plan review, resubmission (to correct any comments if needed) and getting the permit issued. We can also do any permit extension, renew/close any expired permit, change of contractor/architect/engineer, and request the Certificate of Occupancy/Completion (CO-CC) for completed jobsites.

Property Research: We can get do any type of research or search on a property such as Permit History, Open or Expired Permits, Plans and Records Request, Violation Search, Preconstruction Consulting, Planning/Zoning Research, and Special Approvals. Before buying a particular property, we can help you do the research before putting in the contract or during your due diligence period. With this knowledge you can make an informed  decision and either renegotiate with the seller or walk away from the deal. Most real estate professionals are not trained in this area, and if the property has illegal work done on it without permits or a violation, it follows the property and not the owner. The new owner will inherit the problems and could add up costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Code Violation Repair: We specialize in fixing code enforcement violations, stop work orders, unsafe structures, expired permits, and legalization. If you have received a notice of violation it is in your best interest to respond as quickly as possible. If you are not familiar with the process it could be a daunting task filled with frustration and disappointment. We offer complete management of the Code Violation Repair process from start to finish and our goal is to become a cost effective and trusted resource for you.

Business Research: Before buying a particular business, you want to make such it has the proper local and state licenses if applicable. We have seen many situations when a person buys a business only to later have issues with getting the City, County and State License (if applicable). Each time a business is transferred, the licensing has to go through reviews with each applicable government agency. During this review process, it is subject to new regulations that came up since the last owner and sometimes it is discovered that the previous owner was operating illegally and missing some of the licenses. You want to make sure to have all this information before paying for the business, lease payments for space and other business expenses.

Business Licenses: We can get you any type of License for your Business. Certificate of Use, City Business Tax Receipt, County Business Tax Receipt, State License, Sales and Use Tax, Forming Corporation, Fictitious Name, Federal Employer Identification Number, Trademark and much more.

Prevent Contractor Scams and Rip-Offs: Do not become a victim and get ripped off. We can help you with hiring the correct Contractors. Before you hire a General Contractor or Specialty Contractor (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing) let us do the research on that company and see if their licenses and insurances are up to date and if there are any State Complaints against them. We will also search the internet for complaints against them and any companies that they are connected to. We will email you the results. Hiring the wrong contractor will cost you thousands of dollars in time and money. There are many stories of dishonest contractors who collect people's hard earned money only to start the job and disappear and never finish the job, resulting in having to hire another contractor to take over and paying double.

Contractor Referrals: We have compiled a list of reliable companies over the years that we work with and can recommend to you. Picking a reliable contractor is not an easy task. Use a trusted referral so you can avoid getting ripped off by dishonest contractors. We will even  take care of the permit process and work with your selected contractor to make the process easier.

Schedule Your Inspections: During the construction of your project you will be required to call in inspections with your city at certain intervals of your construction process. We can take care of coordinating these Inspections and tracking these inspections on your behalf.

Professional Services Referrals and or Research: If you would like we can refer you to Professionals (Architects, Engineers, Drafters) that we work with or research the ones (any state or internet complaints), that you select to work with. When selecting a Design Professional, it is important to work with companies that provide excellent customer service and design blueprints and respond to city comments in a timely manner. Hiring the wrong Design Professional will cost you time and money for your projects. Included in this category is referral or research on other professionals that provide services such as Property Survey, Elevation Certificate, Asbestos Report, Property Appraisal Report, Soil Reports, Special Inspector Forms and the like.

Help Applying for Government Assistance: (For Qualified Individuals)
Dealing with the government can be a very stressful and difficult process. We can help you get the assistance that you need and apply for the following:
Down Payment Assistance (First Time Buyers),
Childcare Assistance, Healthcare for Adults (Free or Reduced), Healthcare for Children (Free or Reduced), Food Assistance Programs, College Grants, Unemployment, Supplemental Security Income (Elderly or Disabled Individuals), Utilities Assistance, Free Tax Return Preparation, and Finding/Getting Your Lost Unclaimed Money

Document Recording: We will record your Notice of Commencement, Notice of Termination, and Release of Lien at the proper County's Clerk of Courts. In accordance with Section 713.13 of the Florida Statutes, a Notice of Commencement, or NOC is required for the construction of, improvements to, alteration of, or repair of real property that construction value is over $2,500.

Mobile Notary: We can come to you to notarize your documents at your convenience. As part of the required documentation for city submission, the owner will have to sign and notarize required documents such as permit applications, notice of commencement and contracts/invoice between owner and contractor.

Courier Service: Same day or next day service to pickup or deliver important documents. We can pickup required documents needed for permit submission such as blueprints, permit applications and supporting documents from you or your Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Sub-Contractors, etc. Most cities want documents and blueprints with original signatures, architect/engineer seals and notary stamps. We can also drop off the permit cards and plans to your office, jobsite or other location when the permit is issued.

Membership Plan Highlights:

- Only $24.95 a month
We Charge the annual fee $299 at time of signup.
  $299 / 12 = $24.95 a month

- No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
- Use Towards Any Service We Offer
- Designed for Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners and Investors
- Save Thousands of Dollars From Time Savings and Costly Mistakes
- Includes Phone and Email Support
- Instant Savings
of 20% to 50% will be Applied to all our Services
Permit Expediting normal rate is $75 an hour, with membership $60 an hour (20% discount)
   Other services offer higher discounts.

- Included Yearly is 5 Hours of Service
Then after will continue with 20% to 50% savings
- We Now Service Most Cities in
Florida and have expanded
   to many Cities in the USA.

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Terms of Service

Membership Benefits

- Only $24.95 a month
(We Charge the annual fee
$299 at time of signup
$299 / 12 = $24.95 a month

- No Contracts

- Cancel Anytime*

- Use Towards Any Service We Offer 

- Designed for Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners and Investors

- Save Thousands of Dollars from Time Savings and Costly Mistakes

- Includes Phone and Email Support

- Instant Savings of 20% to 50% off will be Applied to all our Services

- Included Yearly is
5 Hours of Service 

We Now Service Most Cities in Florida and
have expanded to many
Cities in the USA.


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All City Permits is a full service permit expediter - permit runner - permit consultant with many
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permits and licensing in South Florida, including
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The Membership plan was created to give individuals, families, small business owners, and investors access to the same services that medium and big businesses have.


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