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  Homestead Construction and
Permit Consulting Services

We can help you do your due diligence before investing and purchasing a particular residential or commercial property or starting a construction project in the City of Homestead. It's  important to plan correctly to limit surprises that come up during the permit process. Our Construction and Permit Consulting Services includes Permit History, Open/Expired Permits, Open Violations, Preconstruction Consulting, Planning/Zoning Research/Special Approvals and Private Provider.

.Permit History

It is important to see the permit history and know which permits have been issued for the property. If permits were never pulled for work (such as extra bathroom, changing layout of house, adding rooms, etc.) you could be affected when you make any improvements correctly. Illegal work is usually discovered during city inspections on permitted work. City Inspectors will be at your property and discover illegal work and give you a violation for work that a past owner did. 

Open/Expired Permits

Open and Expired building permits are a headache for both the seller and buyer in a real estate transaction. The standard FARBAR contract that is used on most real transactions, along with similar real estate contracts around the country, includes a clause that requires the seller to close out any open/expired permits as part of the sale. We can help you close these open/expired permits.

Open Violations
Open Violations are a problem for both the seller and buyer in a real estate transaction. Sellers are suppose to provide buyers with a clear and marketable title. When there are open violations on the property they will be transferred to the new owner unless it is closed out properly. Fines and daily interest rates will accrue for as long as the violation is open. In many cases we can negotiate the violation fees down to a reasonable amount and help you close the violation.

Preconstruction Consulting, Planning/Zoning Research and Special Approvals
It is important to know what the current and future permitted uses are before investing large amounts of funds into buying a property and or it's construction. We can research and advise you on your permitted uses and other available options such as Special Approvals. These include Zoning Hearings, Variances, Rezoning, Historic Preservation Board Approvals, Landmark Approvals, Conditional Use, Special Use, and Easement Approval.

Private Provider
In 2002, the Florida Legislature created Section 553.791 of the Florida Statutes titled "Alternative plans review and inspection". This statute enables the owner of a property, or the owner's contractor, to use a private company called a private provider to provide both building plans review and the required inspections during construction instead of that particular city's building department. The private provider can do one or both of these processes, but interaction with the local building department is still required.

As a Private Provider we can prioritize your project and expedite the process, ability to work after hours, weekends, and some holidays, ability to move as fast as the construction takes place. Some additional benefits for using Private Provider services are cost savings offered by municipalities for the total permit fees.

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