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Boynton Beach Contractor
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Contractor Registration, Document Tracking,
Renewals, All Cities in South Florida



Expired Contractor Documents and Insurance Means

Cannot Submit Permits

Cannot Get Permits Issued

Cannot Call In Inspections and Do Work

Will Also Effect Your Subcontractors

Will Slow Down Jobsite Progress

Will Cost You More Time and Money in the Long Run

We will take care all of your City of Boynton Beach
Contractor Registration, Document Tracking, and Renewals

Starts at only $120 a year


It is very frustrating when you are ready to pull a permit with a particular city and the permit clerk tells you that you are not registered with that city or you have expired documents. Valuable time is wasted getting the qualifier to sign and notarize that particular city's contractor registration form. Other scenarios include contacting your insurance company to get an Insurance Certificate made out with the city as the certificate holder, or getting an updated State License certificate or Business Tax Receipt.

In addition, each year these documents need to be updated with each city that you pull permits from. We can make sure your Contractor Documents are current with each city that you do business with. Different documents expire at different intervals throughout the year and we will update your selected cities with your updated documents as these occur.

Types of Contractor Documents

Contractor Registration Form
(many cities require form to be signed and notarized by Contractor)

State or Local License
Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as Occupational License)
Qualifier's Driver License
. Liability Insurance Certificate (each city as certificate holder)
Worker's Comp. Certificate or Exemption


Select your Service Plan:
Both service plans provide the same service except the number of cities that you select


We take care of Contractor Registration and Renewal for your selected cities.
Different documents expire at different intervals throughout the year and we will update
your selected cities with your updated documents as these occur.
  We keep track of your your contractor related documents and alert you
of upcoming expiration. These include State License, Business Tax Receipt,
and Insurances and/or Worker's Comp. Exemption
We communicate with your insurance agent directly getting documents as needed.
  $120 a Year
Up to 3 Cities

Only $40 each city
$360 a Year
Up to 15 Cities

Only $24 each city
(Save 40%)


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Starts at only
$120 a year 

We will take care all
of your Contractor Registration,
Document Tracking, and Renewals.

We service All Cities
in South Florida

About Us

All City Permits is a full service permit expediter - permit runner with many years of experience expediting all types of permits and licensing in South Florida, including
Miami Dade,
Broward and Palm Beach counties.

We help ease the permit approval process and save time and money for Homeowners, Contractors, Companies, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents/Brokers,
Lawyers and Investors.


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